The Story
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Nosy Buddies

Our brand grew out of my love for dogs and my desire to invest my knowledge, energy, and experience in creating products that will both make the dogs’ life brighter while at the same time making their human’s life easier.

I have spent most of my life entirely uninterested in dogs, but as there is a right time for everything in life, some three years ago, a little puppy unexpectedly entered my life and turned it upside down. At the time, I was working for a leading publishing company, as I had for more than twenty years, and the media was my passion. First newspapers and then books. The job defined me, fulfilled my ambition, and I measured my own personal success by the success of the projects I worked on. Over time, my passion waned, and instead of my knowledge and years of experience making my job easier, my daily tasks were becoming increasingly harder and more onerous. My inner self was asking louder and louder: what is wrong, how to proceed?

Then one Sunday, a little hastily and without thinking, I fell in love at first sight with a cute puppy. My Buba. Suddenly I was no longer the sole center of my universe, and my home, time, and life became shared. And it was for the better. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, we went through some rough patches, getting used to each other and learning new things, there was a bunch of chewed-up and destroyed stuff, but the pleasure and happiness that she brought to my life were always priceless. Even at the most challenging moments.

From day one, I wanted the very best for my Buba while at the same time, she also brought the best out of me. Hence the idea to create products that both dogs and their humans will enjoy.

The two noses brand is a very personal story – a story of the great love between man and dog and my desire to use my creativity in the area that preoccupies me the most.

Why Nosy Buddies?

Just as every dog ​​is special, so every dog’s nose is unique just like a human fingerprint and no two are alike. Nose because the sense of smell is their most developed sense and their most important means of communication, and buddies because I love dogs.

Therefore, as nosy buddies, two of us sniffed around a bit in order to create products that will fully meet the needs of our four-legged friends and at the same time take the edge off the challenge of our daily coexistence. As, to be completely honest, life with them is not always easy.

Happy dogs. For happier people.

Our greatest motivation is our customers’ satisfaction with our products.

Our products are made of specially selected materials to provide maximum protection against common accidents, meaning we use waterproof, hard-wearing, and durable materials so that your pets can enjoy our product for a long time.

And most importantly – they are all machine-washable, even when the cover is not removable.

Of course, we also take care of the dogs’ delicate behinds that love comfort while resting, so for the cushion fillings, we use the most comfortable high-quality materials that do not lose volume due to use, do not clump, and do not absorb odors, and still can be washed in the washing machine.

Our products are like a dog’s nose – multifunctional and unique, meant for each pet individually.

If you want something truly special for your pet and yourself at the same time, we offer you the option of made-to-order design. E-mail us the name of your dog, and we will apply it to the purchased product using the machine stitch technique. Or, if you have a dog that does not fit the available sizes, contact us, we will be happy to make a custom product for you. As we can make our products in the various collection color combinations.


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We are proud that absolutely all our products are handmade and produced in Croatia. Behind each piece are hours of thought, research, testing and finishing in order to present you with products that no dog will be able to resist without lying down in it immediately. You too will enjoy striking colors, smart design and functionality of every product from the workshop:

Nosie buddies