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Dog bath Apron Towel


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To make challenges of bathing simpler, your bathroom clean, you dry and your dog clean.

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Out of stock

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To make you and your bathroom dry

Bathing a dog is usually equally stressful for both man as well as a dog who is persistently trying to escape from the bathroom. In order not to get wet while fighting with your pet, we have designed an apron/towel that protects you from splashing water. Once you are done bathing, take off the apron and use it as a towel to wipe the dog. The terry towel is soft to the touch and has a high absorption power and dries quickly.

Good luck and arm yourself with patience!

We’ve added two spacious pockets on the inside so you can easily hold a smaller dog in your arms and give it a good rub down. For larger dogs that don’t fit in your lap, simply throw it over your dog’s back. The laces that were used to hold the apron around your waist can now be used to secure the towel to your dog.

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Dimensions 5 × 10 × 12 cm



80 x 90 cm

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100% cotton


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