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Dog Mat Couch Cover with a large detachable Cushion

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Additional combinations of a waterproof cover adjusted to your and your pet’s needs.

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Versatile mat/cover with multiple usages

Each living space is different hence, we designed additional combinations of this practical couch mat/cover. The cover has been grown to protect a larger area of the couch. The expanded cushion can be attached to the cover with fasteners on three sides, so your pet has a headrest regardless of his preferred position.

To further adapt the mat to your needs, you can roll up the excess cover and attach it to the cushion. This way you can fit the size of the mat to your needs and get a cover with all four sides enclosed with cushions. If your dog is not a couch potato, place the rounded mat on the floor, fill it with a blanket or another cushion, and your furry friend can enjoy a bed of its own.

We enlarged the cushion

The cushion is big enough to be used on its own. One way is to separate it from the mat and make a nest out of the cushion. Your dog will surely enjoy this fluffy bed on another spot in your household. You could use the cushion yourself since it provides excellent back and neck support. Please do not use damaged cushions so that your pet does not come into contact with the pillow filling. In case of an accident that damages the cushion, contact us because we also offer free replacement cushions.

Get rid of wet spots and unpleasant smells

This double-sided mat is made from an upper soft cover that gives needed comfort to your dog while the waterproof bottom provides maximum protection against wet accidents. Both the cushion and the mat are machine washable. The cushion is filled with waterproof non-absorbent styrofoam pellets that don’t pick up any smells and do not lose their volume while adapting to the pet’s body position, providing the necessary support.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 12 cm

blue, colorful motif, dog house motif, green, pink, tartan, yellow


L – mat 90×110 cm, cushion 190 cm Ø 12 cm, M – mat 90×90 cm, cushion 190 cm Ø 12 cm, S – mat 90×50 cm, cushion 150 cm Ø 12 cm



SMALL: mat 90×50 cm / cushion 150 cm

MEDIUM: mat 90×90 cm / cushion 190 cm

LARGE: mat 90×110 cm / cushion 210 cm

Care instructions

Upper side material: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

Bottom side material: waterproof fabric

Fill material: waterproof styrofoam granules



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